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As a leading healthcare solutions innovator, Acacia works with you and your teams to improve processes and systems to enable clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions with improved documentation.

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Providing clinical technology and operations expertise to support healthcare organizations on their journey to join together systems and processes, utilizing transforming strategies centered on the patient and optimizing safe patient care.

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Through clinical IT and EHR strategies, Acacia partners with you and your organization’s mission, vision, and goals.
Providing the roadmap that leads your organization to provider and clinician satisfaction, quality patient care and optimal financial performance.

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Strategic Clinical Solutions With Intelligent Design

Is your organization adept at healthcare process improvement and redesign? Are your process maps rich in the information that your project team needs to deliver on time? Are your application developers frustrated by flowcharts?

In some hospitals, clinics and offices, care is still documented utilizing individual unit, department or clinician specific terminology – usually the result of specialty documentation needs of certain units, service lines or physician specialties. A range of terminology may be used and new templates proliferate, creating duplication, making trending and quality reporting difficult, and creating obstacles to evidence-based care. Variance in workflow and templates can even increase time requirements for physician documentation when the impacts are not fully understood. Lack of standardization ultimately impedes efficient EHR data flows, frustrates the goal of a longitudinal view of patient care, and defeats the ability to measure care outcomes and exchange meaningful clinical documents.

Acacia Clinical Informatics experts are experienced in leading EHR’s and understand the constraints and opportunities of each vendor’s software. We are familiar with standardized vocabularies and coding standards such as SNOMED CT®, MEDCIN, LOINC®, MeSH and UMLS, as well as ICD-10, ICD-9, and CPT®. Acacia can help you drive adoption of language standards such as NANDA, NMDS, and CCC for optimized Plans of Care, Assessments, Flow Sheets, Interventions and improved data collection. We also leverage our HIM and revenue cycle expertise to closely coordinate with existing CDI and ICD-10 initiatives.

Our Clinical Documentation Standardization services include:

  • Assessment of clinical documentation for terminology, compliance, duplication, reporting and risks to patient care
  • Education on standardization opportunities and facilitate the creation of a vision for outcomes that improve communication and patient care
  • Assessment of Care Planning models to identify the best multi-disciplinary approach
  • Simplification of clinician workflows while supporting adherence to standards of care
  • Design of new or optimization of current sand patient care systems to leverage information integration, automate reporting, and improve data flow to the EHR
  • Monitor and report on project success through quality components.

With changes driven by Healthcare Reform, do you know what specialties or individual physicians to employ to provide integrated services?

Are you able to optimize your mix of primary care, outpatient and ambulatory to market opportunities? Do you know which physicians and specialties are providing positive cash flow for your hospital and do your physician contracts reward your best performers? Can you identify which providers are costly to you or do not provide quality care or create compliance risks?

An Acacia Consulting Physician/Medical Practice Integration, Strategy and Performance Review can help you to develop and implement an updated Physician Integration Plan as your health system implements outcome monitoring and risk based contracting required to support Population Management, Medical Home, and ACO Models. This service is complimented by our Clinic/Medical Practice Operations and Revenue Integrity Review service offering.

Our Medical Practice/Physician Integration services provide:

  • Strategic planning for acquisitions (Physician Needs Assessment/Market Strategy), evaluation of physician employment before acquisition, and evaluation of existing physician’s productivity and value to institution
  • Analysis of physician net revenue, not just charges, including practice and hospital
  • Develop consistent provider contracts based on productivity and other specified goals (needed for Hospitalists, Urgent Care and ED Physicians with no control over patient volume)
  • Specifies workflow process redesign requirements and systems optimizations needed for support of new models – Patient Centered Medical Home, ACO, etc.
  • Provides seasoned professionals available to develop and encourage providers to participate in health system risk-based and outcome managed models
  • Develop a Physician Integration Plan as health system moves to Population Management, Outcome Monitoring or Risk Based contracting

The overall goal of the mentoring program at Acacia Professional Services is to provide a structure and roadmap for growth as a Clinical Informaticist.  Utilizing a mentor will assist in providing ongoing career development, training and support for staff who are new to their position or wish to expand their current knowledge and expertise.  

Acacia mentors have experience in multiple systems, modules/applications, and processes.  Your informaticist will learn to look at the larger picture and the impact of decisions on the organization as a whole and not just on a single department.  

Workflow Process
Redesign & Training

Meaningful in Process

Acacia consultants are experts in BPMN – Business Process Modeling – the leading “open” IT standard for process redesign in the IT industry. BPMN provides an open source “language,” toolset and standard for processes mapping for both technical and operations users that is intuitive, easy to use, and able to represent complex workflow processes and data flows. Acacia Workflow Process Redesign Services support clinical and revenue cycle use-cases and are compatible with Six Sigma, DMAIC and LEAN. Our process redesign consultants rapidly analyze and map current processes, identify risks and gaps to best practice, produce recommendations and facilitate discussions and decision making with your team. We then design ideal state process flows that are used by system application developers and also training teams. These future state process designs are driven by your strategic objectives – Quality and Patient Care improvements, Financial Performance Improvement, or just operational efficiency gains.

Meaningful in Impact

The results? You get improved work processes and optimized systems that support standardization, optimized systems, reduced risk, and better training and efficiency.

Acacia can transfer process redesign skills to your staff so that it becomes a core competency of your organization. Our BPMN Training and tools empower your staff to accomplish process redesign efforts and will give your staff the tools they need to lead future process redesign.

Acacia Point of View on Clinical Care Delivery

Whether you are just beginning your journey toward implementing meaningful use initiatives, or have completed several steps along the way, Acacia will help your organization achieve your goals. With over 20 years of clinical care delivery experience, Acacia Professional Services has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results.

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