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We advance the mission of healthcare by empowering our clients to achieve what matters most to their business success, community mission, and personal motivations.

What Matters Most is PEOPLE

At Acacia, we are here to honor, support, and empower the caregivers, staff, and administrators who exhibit leadership to serve. Making tough choices with a clear focus on people keeps healthcare — and your organization — thriving. No matter what changes come in the next decade, or even next year, Acacia understands that better care and community health cannot happen without our clients and our consultants standing together, motivated by the same goal – serving the Mission of Healthcare.

Acacia Professional Services is a leading healthcare consulting firm that partners with providers to continually improve patient care and quality, optimize operations, and increase financial performance. Because of the depth and breadth of our expertise and experience we are uniquely suited to be your partner to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare.

The Acacia Mission

Your Mission is Our Mission

We advance the mission of healthcare by empowering our clients to achieve what matters most® – to their business success, community mission, and personal motivations. For over 20 years, Acacia (formerly Jacobus Consulting) has been dedicated to growing and adapting to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Our commitment to meaningful solutions and innovative technology has helped us become recognized as a thought-leader in healthcare consulting.

Our ability to optimize systems, retool processes, and improve efficiency equips you to successfully navigate complex, interconnected issues and shift to value-driven healthcare.

Acacia is Proud to Serve Our Clients

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Proudly Serving the Community

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Heart of Acacia

Our Values Drive Everything We Do

Acacia is a company founded on values. We believe these values drive our mission, determine our methods, and ensure our ability to help our clients achieve what matters most®. These are expressed in the four value statements below.

Personal Integrity – Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

At Acacia, we value honesty, humility, dedication, and transparency. We are genuine, self-motivated, hardworking, and ethical. Our goal is to treat others with preference, loyalty, respect, and honor, building and retaining trust in our relationships.

Professional Excellence – Going the Extra Mile

At Acacia we value expertise, experience, and continued education. We work hard to be organized, solutions oriented, and invested leaders who utilize proven methods and tools to ensure continued success. We deliver quality, long-term solutions that confidently equip and empower our colleagues and clients.

Productive Collaboration – Success Together

At Acacia we value team work, adaptability, and servant leadership. We strive to be listeners and contributors with a focus on partnership and integration, utilizing the individual strengths of each team member. We are committed to our relationships so that as an Acacia family we achieve shared successes for our clients and as a company.

Positive Disposition – Commitment and Passion

At Acacia, we value enthusiasm, creativity, and a passionate commitment to the mission of healthcare. We begin each day with optimism, consideration, and genuine care for others. We consider it a privilege to partner with our colleagues and clients to achieve what matters most.

Executive Leadership

The Knowledge and Experience to Take You Further

Our executive team offers our clients a broad range of expertise in healthcare consulting, health information management, IT solutions, and more. We are committed to providing you with first-rate service, implementable solutions, and an unparalleled level of experience to meet your unique needs.

Our Team

sandra jacobs

Sandra Jacobs

Sandra is committed to setting a clear and strong vision around the key issues of quality, performance improvement, financial sustainability, integrity and professionalism while consistently supporting the mission of healthcare. In her more than 35 years in healthcare she has held a series of leadership positions throughout the spectrum of the industry including over 25 years in hospital, clinic and physician operations; 15 years in the payer market; and 25 years in consulting as a thought leader and innovator.

Based in Nevada, Sandra also serves as a senior advisory partner for many of our largest clients. She encourages dialogue with key stakeholders across the globe. She has worked to create a high performance work environment with a highly visible leadership commitment to quality in everything Acacia does and delivers to our clients.

Paulette Schroeder

Paulette Schroeder

Paulette brings 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry with a major focus on hospital information systems and a background in nursing. The last 15 years have been focused on working with clinical systems as an applications analyst and providing overall project management on a variety of clinical projects.

Based in Colorado, Paulette serves as a senior advisory partner to our clients in clinical leadership, clinical operations, and clinical informatics.

Paulette has a background in numerous clinical areas, including oncology, urology, gynecology, ED, pediatrics, gerontology, orthopedics, behavior health, and rehab. She has worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse, and director in a variety of clinical departments. Paulette moved to clinical informatics in 2000 where she has worked with several platforms and systems as a PM, clinical systems consultant, and nurse advisor.

Alan Hall

Alan Hall

Alan possesses twenty plus years of IT & Project Management experience in multiple industries. His experience includes network and data center management, web applications, IP telecom, security, enterprise software roll-outs, and management of end users and Help Desk.

His 10+ years in Healthcare IT include roles in HIPAA Compliance & Security, Pt. Access Services Management, Financial Services and Revenue Cycle Management.  Additionally Alan has been responsible at the executive level for the operations and finances in the healthcare strategic consulting industry.

Most recently Alan led a large-scale rollout of SaaS based ERP solutions on the SalesForce platform, including Sales Cloud and the FinancialForce.com suite of applications encompassing Professional Service Automation, Financial Management and Human Capital Management.

Our History

The Acacia Story

What started as one individual’s passion, driven by the belief that there is a better approach to consulting, has blossomed into a vibrant, values-driven company dedicated to what matters most — the mission of healthcare, quality assurance, servant leadership, and client satisfaction.

Since our founding over 20 years ago, the promise of Acacia Professional Services (formerly Jacobus Consulting) to our clients hasn’t changed — to provide the best people, transparency, integrity, and the meaningful solutions that help our clients to achieve what matters most as they work to transform healthcare.

Despite humble beginnings, we have built a nationwide client base of leading healthcare providers and established ourselves as a thought-leader in the industry — not only by acquiring some of the best minds in healthcare consulting but also by building a strong history of client satisfaction and of customer empowerment.

Over the years, Acacia has grown and adapted to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. But one thing has remained — our wholehearted commitment to support the care givers and leaders who make healthcare happen.

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