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Our industry leading IT and technology specialists will guide your organization through end-to-end redesign and modernization of your platforms to drive new capabilities, empower your business and advance adoption and acceptance.

Advancing Health

Meaningful in process

Innovative data analytics, leadership, optimized caregiver interactions with patients and workflows, and partnership will be pivotal to advancing health and achieving the ultimate goal of serving patients and communities.  Providing improved care and greater value; financial stability of providers; enhancing confidence in the healthcare system; addressing workforce challenges and burnout; and improving the patient experience are all achieved through innovation and technology.  To advance health, we need reliable healthcare information systems that support the processes of the caregivers and those that support them.

Meaningful in impact

Realizing our shared goals as an industry is possible through the power of information and technology.  Digital health transformation with focus on our patients, communities, and caregivers is possible when we are open to possibility and brave thinking.  We can put our differences aside and acknowledge all HCIS systems are valuable, even more so when they are interoperable and improve access to services across the continuum. We can collaborate with those disrupting the norm and are thought leaders in technology and how it is a service, not an industry.  We advance health and impact lives when we are inclusive, unflinching in our commitment, and courageous.

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Healthcare Technology With Intelligent Design

Transformative service solutions for diverse stakeholders – Improve your patient’s outcomes with MEDITECH consulting expertise

Our team leverages insight acquired through 25+ years and hundreds of engagements, combined with real-world industry expertise gained across the Healthcare industry.  We guide our clients through every phase of your MEDITECH journey empowering continuous value.

Acacia provides a one-stop shop for skilled MEDITECH Consulting expertise, on all platforms including Expanse, Client Server, and MAGIC.  Our consultants and approach bring hands-on MEDITECH skill, along with years of hospital operational experience as Physicians, RN’s, Clinicians, Pharmacists, IT Analysts, Revenue Cycle, and General Financials application experts for pre-implementation, implementation, and optimization.

We provide MEDITECH Go-Live and Upgrade support along with complete report development services for NPR, Report Designer, and SQL.  Our consultants bring their MEDITECH skills, process reengineering skills, people adoption skills, and continuous improvement skills such as LEAN, Six Sigma, DMAIC, and others tailored to your organization’s needs.

Whether for new module implementation or to optimize a previous implementation, we combine our best-practice MEDITECH knowledge and workflow engineering expertise with expert Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts who know how to work effectively with your teams to make sure you get the most from advanced MEDITECH system capabilities. In the process, we will ensure you have support for critical initiatives such as Population Health, Surveillance and Quality, Evidence-Based Content, Centralization of Services, Enterprise Revenue Cycle, and Patient-Centric Services.

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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have profoundly changed the practice of medicine and how that practice affects all other aspects of the healthcare organization both clinically and financially.  Transitions to EHRs have been both a blessing and a burden by clinicians and all other disciplines that use them.  Decisions made in the design, regulation, implementation, and individual use of the EHR contribute to its benefits and challenges.  Healthcare leadership continues to hear “this system doesn’t work for me” at all levels of the organization.  

After over 25 years in the healthcare industry, the last 20 focused on healthcare technology innovation; we recognize that EHR optimization relies on human factors engineering, a science that considers the benefits and fallibility of human interaction with a system, and the need for a tailored, multifaceted strategy to achieve technology objectives.  Acacia will present strategies that health care delivery organizations can deploy to maximize the benefits and minimize the burdens of EHR adoption.  

Step one is assessment of your current system, your needs, and the end users utilizing the system.  These strategies include Leadership and EHR user alignment; Identification and elimination of unnecessary EHR work being performed across the organization; Optimizing the hardware that supports the EHR and deployment of end user devices; Identification of opportunities for optimization of every application in the software systems; Reduction in the burden of order entry and documentation; Optimizing clinician and support department teamwork and collaboration; Optimizing the user skills with the EHR; Optimizing information flow throughout the health system; and finally leveraging the EHR-Use data to improve patient care, improve financial performance, increase productivity, and improve the morale of the EHR users.

Acacia’s MEDITECH Optimization Assessment identifies the opportunities for improved MEDITECH system utilization to drive improved quality, patient care, and financial performance while we also identify areas to automate, lower costs, and streamline operations. We identify the low hanging fruit to help you utilize MEDITECH more efficiently while establishing longer term goals and strategies. This engagement is targeted at all MEDITECH platforms – Expanse, Client/Server and MAGIC – and can be focused on specific modules and processes to support the strategic development of your organizational IT plan.

Options for system assessment include:

  • Identification of under-utilization or currently manual processes that should be automated with MEDITECH capabilities
  • End to end process improvement and data flow opportunities to streamline operations, improve data integrity, and drive productivity
  • Standardization of clinical documentation, integration of evidence-based clinical decision support, and improved clinician adoption
  • Identification of specific tasks necessary for improved revenue cycle performance, higher revenues, increased cash flow, and reduced costs
  • Evaluate (Other Vendor) OV best-of-breed applications to determine trade-offs in replacing them with MEDITECH modules
  • Create a detailed plan to move forward, including scope, structure, schedule, risks, resources needs, budget implications, and overall EHR strategies throughout the continuum of care

Acacia provides Healthcare Project Management services with Healthcare IT Program and Project Managers (PMs) who utilize PMI methodologies for clinical, financial and IT projects — including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, McKesson, Siemens, Allscripts, NextGen and various other systems. Our PMs are experts at delivering on time, in budget and in scope, while managing risk and aligning with each vendor’s best practice and packaged methodologies.

Acacia PMs have hands-on experience in hospital IT and operations and are adept in planning, documentation, risk management, monitoring and reporting. At project closure, we deliver a project Book of Knowledge to ensure that knowledge transfer is completed for sustaining project benefit.

Imagine a supply chain for your healthcare organization that is data driven, technology enabled, serves your entire enterprise, improves your financial performance and sustainability, improves efficiency, supports quality patient care, is flexible to changing supply environments, and provides higher levels of staff happiness.

Recent global events such as the pandemic, supply and people shortages, and supply chain disruption, bring to the forefront the absolute need for urgent attention to the state of your supply chain and inventory management operations.  Additionally, traditionally as an industry we have not focused on the systems, people, and processes that are critical to the lives of our patients and the health of our organization as it relates to the supply chain, it suffers from neglect. There are many software vendors in the industry who indicate a new set of technology solutions will solve your problems, and some of them are fantastic, however, redesign of the processes, people, and core HCIS systems are the foundations for sustainable improvements and achieving the real goals.

As a consulting firm with over 20 years of experience, a team of finance leaders and supply chain experts, together with our commitment to patients and the healthcare systems that serve them, Acacia will lead your organization with a proven methodology that combines technology, processes, people and prepares you for the next level of software solutions.

Is your organization adept at healthcare process improvement and redesign? Are your process maps rich in the information that your project team needs to deliver on time? Are your application developers frustrated by flowcharts?

Acacia consultants are experts in BPMN – Business Process Modeling – the leading “open” IT standard for process redesign in the IT industry. BPMN provides an open source “language,” toolset and standard for processes mapping for both technical and operations users that is intuitive, easy to use, and able to represent complex workflow processes and data flows.

Acacia Workflow Process Redesign Services support clinical and revenue cycle use-cases and are compatible with Six Sigma, DMAIC and LEAN. Our process redesign consultants rapidly analyze and map current processes, identify risks and gaps to best practice, produce recommendations and facilitate discussions and decision making with your team. We then design ideal state process flows that are used by system application developers and also training teams. These future state process designs are driven by your strategic objectives – Quality and Patient Care improvements, Financial Performance Improvement, or just operational efficiency gains.

The results? You get improved work processes and optimized systems that support standardization, optimized systems, reduced risk, and better training and efficiency.

Acacia can transfer process redesign skills to your staff so that it becomes a core competency of your organization. Our BPMN Training and tools empower your staff to accomplish process redesign efforts and will give your staff the tools they need to lead future process redesign.

Acacia provides interim CIO and other information systems leadership for strategic, operational, and day to day oversight and management. We staff interim roles with experienced leaders in all technology platforms. Our leadership is based in the five key practices of exemplary practices and industry proven solutions.

Healthcare Supply Chain

Assessing Current State Process

We start with a complete current state analysis, everyone says this, our team of experts observe hundreds of the little and not so little processes, the team members performing those processes, how the HCIS system is utilized or underutilized, how departments are served by the supply chain, how physicians preference is managed, and the financial implications of overstocking, hoarding supplies, and the culture of your organization impacts your operations.  We do this utilizing LEAN DMAIC methodologies customized and simplified to form the roadmap to quality patient care and financial improvement.  We leave you with a set of strategies and recommendations that are complete and comprehensive for you to take immediate action.

Acacia can also provide a Project Manager to lead your improvement initiatives.  Focus on the many issues that will come from the analysis is critical to actually achieving true transformation.  We form workgroups to work hand in hand with your team members such as: Warehouse Management Workgroup, Surgical Services Preference Card Optimization Workgroup, Interventional Radiology, Imaging, Cardiology Optimization Workgroup, Laboratory Workgroup, Standardized Naming Convention Workgroup, Charge Master and Revenue Integrity Workgroup, Finance Department Workgroup, and Supply Chain Analytics Workgroup.

Designing Optimized Solutions

Our consultants and project managers will work shoulder to shoulder with your team members, providing guidance, education, understanding of the current to future state, how to redesign the core system, how to change culture, streamline processes and eliminate manual workarounds.  On this journey, we will provide the tools and knowledge to your team members that is imperative to your on-going success and continuous improvement.

Our team are experts in Meditech, Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Allscripts, Athenahealth and various other Materials Management core systems and bring best practice expertise for system configuration and optimization.  Additionally we provide experts in Enterprise Resource Management technology solutions and advanced material management vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and additional ERP systems to advance you to the next level when you’re ready.

We would be honored to serve your organization and your supply chain goals and support your journey to achieve what matters most.

Acacia Point of View on Healthcare Management

Whether you are just beginning your journey toward modernizing and advancing your business platforms, or have completed several steps along the way, Acacia will help your organization achieve your goals.

With over 20 years of healthcare technology process redesign and management experience, Acacia Professional Services has helped clients realize sustainable and superior results.

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